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Let’s begin.


This is my first post talking about The Tavern. This is a bit weird for me since I always keep information as quiet as possible until I actually release stuff. This is not because I think all those evil game dev ninjas will steal my never-thought-of-before ideas, but rather it’s for me. The more I talk about a project and it’s ideas, no matter what it is, the more the project tends to lose it’s inspiration and motivation. But you know, I like to work on my flaws and this is one of them. Sharing top secret information, like screenshots, videos and what else. Anyway.. what is The Tavern?
The Tavern is a (fairly)simple management game with a lot of charm. Player takes control as a tavern keeper. Your role is to supply the customers with their quirky drinks and keep them from killing each other. Just like any normal bar, pub or restaurant would do right? Your customers comes in different shaped and forms. You got the brawly Barbarians, Dwarves, Wizards and so on. When gold starts to come in, you can expand your cozy little place.

Well. That’s it for now. I hope you’ll enjoy this and stay tuned for more information.


Much love.

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