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Twitter and Twitch

I recently started streaming some asset creation and more on Twitch. This is kinda a big day since I get all nervous just thinking about someone watching every detail I do. I often do something, correct it a million times, delete it , then start again. It’s that process I’m trying to work on, it’s very time consuming. I once read on a Reddit comment on r/gamedev I think, it was some big game dev that held an AMA, he/she said that never go too much in to detail, don’t work 90% on small details that the player won’t notice anyway. So recently when playing games, I stop and look at the smaller details that you often don’t even stop and think about. And some textures are extremely rugged. In Metro Last Light for example, some textures/UV mapping are very quickly done, and by all right. Who stops and  studies a knob on a chair anyway? Well, I do but I had a purpose, normal players don’t. And usually stuff happens around the player that takes away the attention from chair knobs, right?

So, I’m working on this. It’s a progress I’m trying to learn. Don’t focus too much on details the player most likely won’t notice, and, it’s not the end of the world if a texture is a bit quirky or off, produce, then if you have the time, correct it later, but don’t let it stop your whole product. I admit, it’s hard. You always think, ”Players will think this is pure shit”. I gotta stop that and focus on the big picture. What makes a game fun. It certainly ain’t small texture perfections.

Wanna check me out on Twitch whenever I do stuff? I play games now and then as well, with a guilty consciousness.



Twitter right now is mostly to remind you of these blog posts but if I start to see a few followers, I might update that alone as well.


Much love. <3

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