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Working Hours

I had a chat with a real friendly guy from Twitch’s Game Dev channel. Goes by the name Lion Root Show. Was casually watching his stream while he was updating some Twitter/Facebook feeds. We started chatting and at one point I lined up all the stuff I was trying to fit within one day or one week and I realized I have to cut down on stuff. It’s just too much.
Right now I’m trying to juggle between a full time employment, taking care of my 14 month old daughter, working in my own company, studying on university, and between these things, I go to the gym, and trying to keep a healthy relationship. It’s a lot. Then try to add game development in that. Where are the hours? Can you cut down on sleep? Never. Hanging out with friends? Ha.

I applied for some courses at university next term, I decided that I’m not gonna attend any of them. School is a big part of my life right now and by eliminating that next year will mean a lot. More time for game development and more time for my daughter. I’ll put a few things on hold for now.

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