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The Troll

There’s been some work put into one of the customers over the weeks. Namely the troll. This is one of the higher tier customers so why start with that? Why not start with modelling, animating one of the lower tier first? Well, mainly because the troll is one of the more distinct customers, at least model wise. I feel like having the troll work with it’s size and animations is the hardest part. Having a more human model fitting into the scenes is easier since we’re using the blue guy as measurement right now and the other customers, at least the first 5, are just about the same, except for one.. but we’ll get to that later on.

Anyway, I love how the troll came out. I LOVE the troll. Let me say that again. Or perhaps you got the point. From reference art to final mesh was such a blast to experience. It really came out true to what I had in mind. The reference art are the trolls I grew up with and I always loved the movement and build they had. It felt like such a slouchy body, built with a certain uncomfortableness with their own movement but with such an added overpowered strength. I wanted a grunting troll with simple goals and usually only one thought in mind at a time. Complex trolls, f*ck that. They’re brute strength defined and I love to have them visit my tavern to pose a challenge to any other cocky customer who thinks he can stand up against this beast.

First draft:

Troll First Draft


Final Draft:

Troll Final Draft


Reference art:

Troll Reference Art

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