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Progress February-March

So where are we at? Right now, we are putting together a lot of different components to make it all work together. We are implementing the bouncer. The bouncer is an awesome feature. I think it’ll be a lot of fun seeing the bouncer working completely chaotic in the final game. Right now the bouncer is just bashing just about everything he sees. If he saves a customer from being punshed into a flesh pile, he returns to his spot but later returns to the damaged customers and bashes his head in. Not quite what his role should be…

I decided to buy the prototype characters from UE4 Marketplace. Right we’re using the same color and character for all customers and AI, and it just looks like a bunch of crazy Meeseeks are trying to populate the tavern. We should have them in the game soon and hopefully the AI flow of the tavern will make a lot more sense. We’re moving forward. I see us having an extremely early, but PLAYABLE build within 1 or 2 months.


Oh, and I just became a father, again. Now I have two wonderful daughters. I’m thinking of setting up a webcam to use with Twitch whenever I stream game dev there so people can see what chaos I’m struggling with. Having a 1,5yo daughter pulling your arm to watch Bamse when you’re trying to build a graveyard for your game is not easy I tell you. But the love is endless.

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