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Got a graphical update for you. Presenting the waitress.
This is a character development in only two pictures, a small development. She started out quite thin, but ended up a little rounder with a heavier bosom. This is the medieval times, and even though I’m making all the characters quite stereotypical, we need a girl with some meat on her bones when working in a tavern. These girls drink and make out with trolls. They’re awesome tough girls. First picture is the final result, second picture is the first draft. I think it’s important to the comical feel that most NPCs in the game are quite stereotypical in their setting. We’ll have unique characters no doubt, such as the grave keeper, but most characters will play the stereotypical role by default. Such as the troll, the troll is dumb and strong, the dwarf is short and stout etc.



More updates on the bouncer soon. Stay tuned.



  • Hey, Michael!
    Looks promising, good job! Keep it up.

    Is it a zbrush sculpt?
    What do you use for development? Unity3D?

    • Hi! Congrats for making the first comment here! I appreciate it!

      Yeah, this is a Zbrush sculpt, not yet optimized or turned into a low poly version. Since the game will have plenty of characters on screen at the same time, as any management or RTS game, they need to be quite low poly. Except for the unique, single characters like the bouncer(watch next update), I’m keeping those a little higher in polycount.
      I’m using Unreal Engine 4. Been using UDK previously so it felt natural to jump to UE4. Have tried Unity though.


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