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Re-writing the code

Hey guys.

We had some issues with the A.I. when updating to a newer version of Unreal Engine 4. I think at 4.6 the update introduced a bug with some MoveTo commands so the A.I started moving in undesirable ways. They wouldn’t move to certain points when the behavior trees told them to, like finding a chair and sitting down, and this was never patched so we decided to rewrite the code and at the same time have smoother movement for the A.I. Sometimes customers would bonk into a wall and just keep walking into the wall and not finding a way around, not anymore. This took some time of course, we halted the development of everything else code wise until we got this done. Today marks the first day we play test it fully to see what needs to be tuned, cause things always needs to be tuned and configured. This is a common practice.

Stay tuned for a bouncer update later this week, and.. perhaps when the bouncer and waitress are textured and in the game, I’ll post some gameplay.

Much love.

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