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Introducing the Bouncer

Here he is. The bouncer.

What does this guy do then? Well. First, he comes in 3 upgradable versions. Second, he stops fights, or simply pummels fighters to a pulp. Whenever a fight breaks out, and he isn’t busy doing other stuff, the bouncer engages the fighters and turns the challenger of the fight into a bloody mess. Gotta keep the tavern a safe place right? Why does he do this then? Well, whenever a fight happens, stuff breaks and people get hurt, obviously. The bouncer is there to stop fights so not so many things break, it costs gold to repair mkay? The bouncer always engages the challenger of the fight first and foremost. He also protects the tavern from certain events similar to…mm, you remember the tornado and godzilla features in SimCity? Well, we have those things too, just that they aren’t tornados and giant lizards, more like the tavern gets attacked by a pack of goblins. Can’t have goblins attacking our guests can we? Let’s hope you have a level 3 bouncer by then.


This is also a slight progress of how he started out. He looked a little naked in the first version so we put some clothes on him. Don’t wanna scare the easily offended guests, right?

BOUNCER_Second Sculpt

Bouncer_Finished Sculpt


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