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Dwarf Room Progress

Alright, quick screenshot update.

The Tavern Dwarf Room in progress

This is the dwarf room in progress. This is with no lighting except the lava lights above the tables. It’s just a work copy. What needs work then?

-Wall textures are to be completely redone. I just changed existing ones to gray for testing the color scheme.
-Might change the floor to stone. We’ll see how it looks and works with the rest of the tavern when building multiple rooms.
-Chairs obviously needs to be more fitting to the same style as the tables.
-Overall lighting.
-Adding more ambient and room details, such as hammers laying around, a few mugs. Overall a better and more complete detailed room.
-Change the wall pillars to stone pillars.


Besides that, I ate my first ghost peppar today. It was a few hours ago, and I only ate like 2mm. I’m still hurting and focusing on not touching my eyes with my fingers. I tossed that sh*t right in the garbage.

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