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Kitchen? Kitchen.

Is your biggest dream to work as an underpayed cook in a kitchen where people might fight over a simple and trivial things as who killed the troll’s mother and hang her head on the wall in the barbarians’ room, or an elf who secretly poisoned a wizard’s drink but the wizard already knew about this and had planned his retaliation months ahead so now that elf’s corpse rest in the cemetery nearby? Or maybe you just like the smell of dried wineberries boiling together with roots of a cursed tree when you’re trying to come up with some new mixtures for drinks?

Then apply for our available position as a cook, in The Tavern!

Here’s a screenshot of your possible working environment:


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Holy Wizard Room!

Hey there. Yeah you. Come closer. Wanna see a wizard room? I got them special, just for you. Maybe I’ll throw in a wizard or two if you buy them now. Sounds good?

Hey guys!
Wizard room is arty’d up and ready for deployment! Just imagine sitting here, drinking a fizzling sparkling drink that tastes of other worlds while you drunkenly reminiscence of old forgotten scrolls that you’d wish you’d see again.  Just don’t start a fight with that troll that just walked in, he looks a bit… grumpy.
13411910_1737074259897356_4595495933637728313_o 13415560_1737074253230690_3268272218089496767_o 13442687_1737074263230689_3798153617680934062_o

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Dwarf Model Coming Along

Long time since update. Normal life stealing focus, like all things when you’re this thing called being an adult. Although work has been coming along and constant updates to the build each month, never stagnate, that’s dangerous.
I think in a month or so, there will be more posts with all the finished rooms with some awesome level design and art.
In the meanwhile, have some dwarf model progress. First one is high poly and second is WIP textures. Enjoy!

dwarf_render3_front dwarf_texture_wip

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Dwarf Room Progress

Alright, quick screenshot update.

The Tavern Dwarf Room in progress

This is the dwarf room in progress. This is with no lighting except the lava lights above the tables. It’s just a work copy. What needs work then?

-Wall textures are to be completely redone. I just changed existing ones to gray for testing the color scheme.
-Might change the floor to stone. We’ll see how it looks and works with the rest of the tavern when building multiple rooms.
-Chairs obviously needs to be more fitting to the same style as the tables.
-Overall lighting.
-Adding more ambient and room details, such as hammers laying around, a few mugs. Overall a better and more complete detailed room.
-Change the wall pillars to stone pillars.


Besides that, I ate my first ghost peppar today. It was a few hours ago, and I only ate like 2mm. I’m still hurting and focusing on not touching my eyes with my fingers. I tossed that sh*t right in the garbage.

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Introducing the Bouncer

Here he is. The bouncer.

What does this guy do then? Well. First, he comes in 3 upgradable versions. Second, he stops fights, or simply pummels fighters to a pulp. Whenever a fight breaks out, and he isn’t busy doing other stuff, the bouncer engages the fighters and turns the challenger of the fight into a bloody mess. Gotta keep the tavern a safe place right? Why does he do this then? Well, whenever a fight happens, stuff breaks and people get hurt, obviously. The bouncer is there to stop fights so not so many things break, it costs gold to repair mkay? The bouncer always engages the challenger of the fight first and foremost. He also protects the tavern from certain events similar to…mm, you remember the tornado and godzilla features in SimCity? Well, we have those things too, just that they aren’t tornados and giant lizards, more like the tavern gets attacked by a pack of goblins. Can’t have goblins attacking our guests can we? Let’s hope you have a level 3 bouncer by then.


This is also a slight progress of how he started out. He looked a little naked in the first version so we put some clothes on him. Don’t wanna scare the easily offended guests, right?

BOUNCER_Second Sculpt

Bouncer_Finished Sculpt


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Re-writing the code

Hey guys.

We had some issues with the A.I. when updating to a newer version of Unreal Engine 4. I think at 4.6 the update introduced a bug with some MoveTo commands so the A.I started moving in undesirable ways. They wouldn’t move to certain points when the behavior trees told them to, like finding a chair and sitting down, and this was never patched so we decided to rewrite the code and at the same time have smoother movement for the A.I. Sometimes customers would bonk into a wall and just keep walking into the wall and not finding a way around, not anymore. This took some time of course, we halted the development of everything else code wise until we got this done. Today marks the first day we play test it fully to see what needs to be tuned, cause things always needs to be tuned and configured. This is a common practice.

Stay tuned for a bouncer update later this week, and.. perhaps when the bouncer and waitress are textured and in the game, I’ll post some gameplay.

Much love.

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Got a graphical update for you. Presenting the waitress.
This is a character development in only two pictures, a small development. She started out quite thin, but ended up a little rounder with a heavier bosom. This is the medieval times, and even though I’m making all the characters quite stereotypical, we need a girl with some meat on her bones when working in a tavern. These girls drink and make out with trolls. They’re awesome tough girls. First picture is the final result, second picture is the first draft. I think it’s important to the comical feel that most NPCs in the game are quite stereotypical in their setting. We’ll have unique characters no doubt, such as the grave keeper, but most characters will play the stereotypical role by default. Such as the troll, the troll is dumb and strong, the dwarf is short and stout etc.



More updates on the bouncer soon. Stay tuned.


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Progress February-March

So where are we at? Right now, we are putting together a lot of different components to make it all work together. We are implementing the bouncer. The bouncer is an awesome feature. I think it’ll be a lot of fun seeing the bouncer working completely chaotic in the final game. Right now the bouncer is just bashing just about everything he sees. If he saves a customer from being punshed into a flesh pile, he returns to his spot but later returns to the damaged customers and bashes his head in. Not quite what his role should be…

I decided to buy the prototype characters from UE4 Marketplace. Right we’re using the same color and character for all customers and AI, and it just looks like a bunch of crazy Meeseeks are trying to populate the tavern. We should have them in the game soon and hopefully the AI flow of the tavern will make a lot more sense. We’re moving forward. I see us having an extremely early, but PLAYABLE build within 1 or 2 months.


Oh, and I just became a father, again. Now I have two wonderful daughters. I’m thinking of setting up a webcam to use with Twitch whenever I stream game dev there so people can see what chaos I’m struggling with. Having a 1,5yo daughter pulling your arm to watch Bamse when you’re trying to build a graveyard for your game is not easy I tell you. But the love is endless.