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I see sick people

One of the reasons for hiring staff is to keep the tavern clean. To do this you hire waitresses. We just implemented vomiting for the customers and things got sort of out of hand. There’s a limit to how many waitresses you can have per floor and I’m sure if we removed that limit, no amount of waitresses would be able to keep up with this mess… poor things. Vomit overload

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The Troll

There’s been some work put into one of the customers over the weeks. Namely the troll. This is one of the higher tier customers so why start with that? Why not start with modelling, animating one of the lower tier first? Well, mainly because the troll is one of the more distinct customers, at least model wise. I feel like having the troll work with it’s size and animations is the hardest part. Having a more human model fitting into the scenes is easier since we’re using the blue guy as measurement right now and the other customers, at least the first 5, are just about the same, except for one.. but we’ll get to that later on.

Anyway, I love how the troll came out. I LOVE the troll. Let me say that again. Or perhaps you got the point. From reference art to final mesh was such a blast to experience. It really came out true to what I had in mind. The reference art are the trolls I grew up with and I always loved the movement and build they had. It felt like such a slouchy body, built with a certain uncomfortableness with their own movement but with such an added overpowered strength. I wanted a grunting troll with simple goals and usually only one thought in mind at a time. Complex trolls, f*ck that. They’re brute strength defined and I love to have them visit my tavern to pose a challenge to any other cocky customer who thinks he can stand up against this beast.

First draft:

Troll First Draft


Final Draft:

Troll Final Draft


Reference art:

Troll Reference Art

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Working Hours

I had a chat with a real friendly guy from Twitch’s Game Dev channel. Goes by the name Lion Root Show. Was casually watching his stream while he was updating some Twitter/Facebook feeds. We started chatting and at one point I lined up all the stuff I was trying to fit within one day or one week and I realized I have to cut down on stuff. It’s just too much.
Right now I’m trying to juggle between a full time employment, taking care of my 14 month old daughter, working in my own company, studying on university, and between these things, I go to the gym, and trying to keep a healthy relationship. It’s a lot. Then try to add game development in that. Where are the hours? Can you cut down on sleep? Never. Hanging out with friends? Ha.

I applied for some courses at university next term, I decided that I’m not gonna attend any of them. School is a big part of my life right now and by eliminating that next year will mean a lot. More time for game development and more time for my daughter. I’ll put a few things on hold for now.

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Twitter and Twitch

I recently started streaming some asset creation and more on Twitch. This is kinda a big day since I get all nervous just thinking about someone watching every detail I do. I often do something, correct it a million times, delete it , then start again. It’s that process I’m trying to work on, it’s very time consuming. I once read on a Reddit comment on r/gamedev I think, it was some big game dev that held an AMA, he/she said that never go too much in to detail, don’t work 90% on small details that the player won’t notice anyway. So recently when playing games, I stop and look at the smaller details that you often don’t even stop and think about. And some textures are extremely rugged. In Metro Last Light for example, some textures/UV mapping are very quickly done, and by all right. Who stops and  studies a knob on a chair anyway? Well, I do but I had a purpose, normal players don’t. And usually stuff happens around the player that takes away the attention from chair knobs, right?

So, I’m working on this. It’s a progress I’m trying to learn. Don’t focus too much on details the player most likely won’t notice, and, it’s not the end of the world if a texture is a bit quirky or off, produce, then if you have the time, correct it later, but don’t let it stop your whole product. I admit, it’s hard. You always think, ”Players will think this is pure shit”. I gotta stop that and focus on the big picture. What makes a game fun. It certainly ain’t small texture perfections.

Wanna check me out on Twitch whenever I do stuff? I play games now and then as well, with a guilty consciousness.

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/juxtr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/taverngame

Twitter right now is mostly to remind you of these blog posts but if I start to see a few followers, I might update that alone as well.


Much love. <3

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Let there be Troll!

Just finished first custom race room light. The idea is that every room and customer race will have their own custom light source, to make it unique and well, fitting. Trolls have glowing mushrooms, elves will have fairies and dwarves will have some metal/stone miniture firepit of some kind. We’ll see. Next I’ll probbaly work on the wall details of each customer room type.trollllolololight

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Interface. Human interaction. This is a hard one. Your first ideas are always brilliant, until you let them sit for a bit and sink in. Then all kind of revisions start to pour in. This is an early draft for the interface. It shows what you can buy and select. I have a pretty good feeling about this one. Top row has all the different categories, and pressed, the unfold vertical rows of whatever the button contains. Say you wanna upgrade your interior, or furniture. Then a selection of furniture and their levels are available to you, if you got the gold that is. I’m not sure yet if upgrading furniture will be cosmetic only or…serve a higher purpose. We’ll see.

The Tavern Main Interface

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Room building

A big part of The Tavern is building rooms. You build rooms for each customer type, if you got the gold that is. Each room contain about 9 seats as of now, this is always up for change at this early stage of course. This is a template room I got for now to work out the functions and room placing.


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Let’s begin.


This is my first post talking about The Tavern. This is a bit weird for me since I always keep information as quiet as possible until I actually release stuff. This is not because I think all those evil game dev ninjas will steal my never-thought-of-before ideas, but rather it’s for me. The more I talk about a project and it’s ideas, no matter what it is, the more the project tends to lose it’s inspiration and motivation. But you know, I like to work on my flaws and this is one of them. Sharing top secret information, like screenshots, videos and what else. Anyway.. what is The Tavern?
The Tavern is a (fairly)simple management game with a lot of charm. Player takes control as a tavern keeper. Your role is to supply the customers with their quirky drinks and keep them from killing each other. Just like any normal bar, pub or restaurant would do right? Your customers comes in different shaped and forms. You got the brawly Barbarians, Dwarves, Wizards and so on. When gold starts to come in, you can expand your cozy little place.

Well. That’s it for now. I hope you’ll enjoy this and stay tuned for more information.


Much love.